Executive Coaching

Approach and Services


In contrast to some coaches who are strictly dogmatic and oriented towards certain schools of thought, my approach is pragmatic.

My coaching approaches are based on my comprehensive & first-class coaching training and global coaching best practices, which have been proven successful and have been scientifically validated over 10,000 times.

The most important goal of executive coaching is that you, with my support, achieve your goals quickly and in high quality.

In consultation with you, I use all methods that lead to the goal and are legal and ethical.
It is key that, with my help,  you find a customized and feasible solution that you feel comfortable with rationally and emotionally, and that you actually implement.


I support you in achieving positive behavioral changes for yourself and your employees that have an exceptional and measurable impact on the success of your company.

Areas of Special Expertise

  • Executive Transitions - Executives who take on a new position or area of responsibility
  • Goal-oriented behavior in difficult leadership situations
  • Team leadership and team development
  • Change of unsuccessful patterns of behaviour
  • Success-oriented and humane leadership in change situations
  • Strategy development and implementation, especially in new areas of responsibility
  • Self-leadership and self-management for managers

Further Coaching Topics

  • Preparation and debriefing of Executive Board and Supervisory Board meetings, Annual General Meetings
  • Appropriate reaction to unforeseen or surprising developments (opportunities & crises)
  • Preparation and debriefing of important client meetings, performance reviews, decisions and meetings
  • Preparation of difficult meetings, presentations and negotiations
  • Conflict Coaching
  • The tension between job, personality and private life
  • Career planning
  • Preparation for hearings and personnel selection procedures, as an applicant or as an assessor
  • Professional and/or organizational realignment ("Should I stay or should I go?"), outplacement
  • Strategy development
  • Organizational development and change