Executive Coach

Dr. Michael Hirt

My mission is to help exceptional entrepreneurs & managers in the technology, life sciences & luxury industries to make an exceptional impact, a “dent in the universe”, and to support and serve them in their continuous quest for excellence & innovation that benefits mankind in the 21st century.

With me as your Executive Coach you reach your goals faster and in higher quality. 

You use your most valuable asset, your time, in a goal-oriented and optimal way.

Executive Coaching

I help successful managers to achieve extraordinary performance and results that have a measurable impact on the success of their company.

My coaching clients (m/f/x) are typically board members, executive managers, as well as divisional managers, whose work has a high impact on the success of their organization. 

Online Coaching

I also offer, to a selected number of clients, highly effective online coaching via video call, telephone and e-mail.  

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