Online Coaching

Michael Hirt also offers, to a selected number of clients, highly effective online coaching via video call, telephone and e-mail. 

The Advantages for You:

  • Fast access and immediate problem solving. In our fastest online coaching model within 90 minutes of you contacting Michael Hirt.
  • Flexible access and interactive processing of your coaching topics from anywhere in the world, whenever necessary and whenever it fits into your busy schedule. E.g. also short-term preparation and debriefing of important client meetings, performance reviews, decisions, meetings, executive and supervisory board meetings, annual general meetings, as well as unforeseen or surprising developments.
  • Fast and targeted performance improvement, right on the spot.
  • Concentrated and effective handling of your coaching topics. A question that can be solved in 5 minutes will also be solved in 5 minutes.
  • More frequent communication allows short feedback loops, quick clarifications and optimal, flexible interaction and problem solving.
  • No time expenditure and no costs for travel and logistics.
  • Highest confidentiality and discretion. You determine place and time independently of other considerations. Coaching can be carried out via encrypted and secure communication channels and technologies.
  • Open, constructive feedback, unadulterated by hypocrisy, promotion and career goals or other self-interests of the feedback provider.
  • Ensuring that your behavior and methods are truly global best practice and that you are not just "boiling in your own juice" and have "blind spots" that keep you from top performance.
  • A competent, external challenger and sparring partner who is honest with you and ensures that you get the best out of yourself and your opportunities.